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I still have some proofing and editing to do, and about 25 sketches for the appendices, but the main body of text for A GERMAN SCIENTIST ON SAMUEL CLEMENS’ FRONT PORCH is finished.

Once it’s published, I’ll post a link to the store and someday shortly I’ll post a big write-up about the origin of the book, some unexpected twists and turns in the writing, and my overall thoughts about the work.

I am still writing El Dorado, and I have another short novel that is ready to roll as soon as that’s done. After that I’ll be done for the year. Lord willing, I’ll be able to take the whole month of December off, though even then I’ll be doing preliminary work for one of my three 2020 projects.

That first 2020 book promises to be the biggest, most ambitious idea I’ve ever had.

Stay tuned…