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The post-camp flurry begins (June 16, 2019)


A week of camp is always the highlight of the year, but it’s also a week of very little sleep and very little time to write. This year was challenging, especially in the back-half (which is why there were no updates), but it was still great to see old friends again.

Camp is passed so now begins the final stretch of writing in the hopes of finishing Titanic Panic by the beginning of August. I also hope to complete the middle third of the Matthew-Luke commentary (The Son of God) by the end of summer. I’m not publishing it until all three parts are completed (hopefully by Christmas).

There are twenty-seven chapters to write in the second part of Son of God, and another eleven chapters of Titanic Panic still to finish. There’s also editing and finishing the paperback versions of the Kingdom of Arthur books, not to mention three books to read and write a report on for my Masters. It’s a full slate of work to do, especially with it done only in the evenings and on my one semi-day off per week.

I’m taking Jack to a Weird Al concert on Thursday and then, the next day, summer officially begins. This is always my busiest time of the year. Here’s to three loaded months of fulfilling work, with deadlines reached and nerves (hopefully) kept un-frayed.