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We're live (obviously).


The site went live this afternoon. If you’re reading this I’m not exactly breaking any news by telling you that. This being Wednesday, I worked from 8am-8pm so I didn’t get any writing done, which means no updates on Titanic Panic or The Son of God.

Tonight I began a Bible Class entitled “Finding Jesus in the Old Testament.” It was a rough start for me as I had too much material and too little time to present it. Nevertheless, I am confident the class will end up a success. It’s a good one to dig into, examining all the people, places, and things in the Old Testament that point to the Messiah.

Next week is camp and I promised my friends I would play and not work. In years past, while others were swimming, napping, or playing games, I could be found in the corner of the camp’s mess hall, toiling away on a computer that I brought with me. Not this year. This year I’m playing, which means few if any updates until next Sunday.

I probably should have waited to launch the site now that I think about it.

Oh well.

Matthew Martin