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“The sea, you see, holds the tragedy.”


There once were three adrift at sea
Their ship had crashed and had sunk

An iceberg it hit
It happened so fast

The life boats became the crew’s bunk

 On the crew manifest were a thousand dear souls
Only a fraction survived the catastrophe

They huddled in groups
In the small boats and then

One by one they went out on the sea

 In several boats there were pairings of strangers
Of all ages and shapes and colors

They spoke but few words
They rationed their strength

While children were kept warm by their mothers

 On one boat however, much farther behind
Was a group of passengers, three

There was quite a tension
As thick as a fog

That rested in this boat, you’ll see

 These three you see out adrift at sea
They knew each other quite well

There was William Blake Scott
And Michael Monique

And in the middle was dear Annabel

 Before these three departed at sea
Neither man knew of the other

William loved Annabel
Michael loved Annabel

And Annabel had not made druthers

 Soon came a mix-up you wouldn’t believe
With Annabel caught in her lies

Both men had booked passage
For a romantic voyage

For Annabel’s birthday surprise

 She juggled her romances, as best as she could
She lied and deceived like a pro

But on the boat all the balls
She carefully had juggled

Came crashing down; both men did know

 The argument roared – it echoed through decks
Even the captain had heard all the shouts

But William and Michael
Screamed not at each other

To Annabel they casted love’s doubts

 The shouting it raged, throughout the long night
Afterward, both couples were through

Michel said to her
“We’re finished – no more!”

And William concurred, “Yes, us too.”

 But then came the terror, the ship had struck ice
The boat was heading right-downward

William grabbed Annabel’s
Right hand while Michael

Grabbed Annabel’s left hand; how awkward

 The captain gave word, for all to abandon
Everyone hurried onto their boats

The trio of lovers,
They ran side by side

And arrived at the boat of their hopes

 Despite their misgivings, they climbed in the raft
They spaced themselves out like a triangle

Michael on one end
William on th’other

And Annabel they both wished to strangle

 After many long hours, adrift out a sea
The weariness finally crept in

William had dozed off
Michael then too

And Annabel finally gave in

  “Wake up my precious” Michael said to his Anna’
“I think that I’ve thought of a plan

While William is sleeping
We toss him o’er board

And then we can take wedded hands”

 But while he was plotting, William arose
Awake from his sleep, none-the-wiser

Some hours then passed
With not a word spoken

Till Michael himself took a snoozer

 William crept over to solemn Annabel
He spoke in a soft hush-hush tone

“I’ve hatched up a plan
 To get rid of this Michael

And then you and I can be all alone”

 Come the next morning, the three were awake
Neither man suspected the crimes

They ate rations quietly
They spoke little words

Till the sunset and then, came the time

 Both men decided to wait till the other
Fell asleep to make his fatal action

But neither one did
To both their chagrin

So another night passed with inaction

 Early next morning, Michael woke up
Not realizing he’d been counting sheep

He saw William snoozing
He sprung into action

And dove on his body asleep

 But William was faking, he saw Michael coming
He rolled over and the fighting commenced

They punched and they kicked
They squared off until

Annabel had enough, she cried and she winced

 They ignored her pleas and continued to brawl
She begged them to stop but they gave her no heed

They were determined to kill
Each wanted to win

But Anna’ decided she would no more plead

 While the men wrestled, there was a commotion
They fought till they heard a deafening splash

They stopped their fighting
They looked all around

But Annabel went, o’er in a flash

 The two stared in shock, they couldn’t believe it
Annabel was gone, sunk to the seabed

They circled the area
They called out her name

But deep down they knew, their Anna’ was dead

 Flash forward in time, twenty five years later
A pair of old men rides on a Cruise Ship

They come to a spot
Nothing special it seems

They remember her hair, and the feel of her lips

 They drop a rose down, to the ocean below
For the one they both lost, a prayer they whisper

They shake hands and
They nod politely

And then the two men, leave with quiet whimpers

 There once were three adrift at sea
Their ship, it had crashed and gone down

And forever the three
Always would be

Remembering their love who had drowned

 Now the question is this, while we ponder this tale
Did the men kill her, her heart trying to win?

Or could it be that she thought
It was her fault they fought

So perhaps she pushed herself in

 Whatever the truth, this one thing we know
The sea is tempestuous and sore

Add a love triangle
Mix in means to kill

And sorrow is yours, evermore

 the end