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Two books down, one to go in order to finish the Farcical Zombie Trilogy. I hope to be done with this last installment before Thanksgiving. The first chapter is done, and judging by the outline that I finished last week, I’d say it promises to be the funniest, weirdest, silliest of the trilogy. I can’t wait to write it.

Here’s a sample, not from the first chapter, but from the preface at the front of the book, followed by the tentative cover design…

This book was a long time coming. It was half a decade ago that I sat in a booth at Joe’s Pizza across from the “always busy but never too busy to talk” Brent Holley. In many ways, Brent is my kindred spirit. He understands my personality, my sense of humor, my odd quirks better than most-anyone, probably because many of my quirks and personality-oddities are his too.

I pitched this story to him just to get a read on what kind of a first impression it left. I hadn’t yet incorporated zombies into it; at the time it was just “you know how Einstein and Mark Twain look alike? What if they teamed up in some big Time Travel shenanigan story?!”

Naturally he loved the idea.

I knew he would because I loved the idea, and we rarely ever fail to see eye to eye on silly things like that. I’m glad to finally have started the book, and I can’t wait to hand-deliver a copy to him. I’m even more glad to call him my friend.

front cover.png