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a sample from One Halloween Evening


No matter how many different stories I write, this one will always be special. This was the first fictional work of any substance that I ever wrote. I hope one day to get it illustrated. Here’s just a piece of it, taken from early in the story, as he lead character and the first companion he partners with try to convince another neighbor to go trick-or-treating with them…

The old house contained, not a warlock or zombie

Instead ‘twas a boy, by the nice name of Tommy


“Why, you’re not so scary.” said Robin and I

“No I am not, except for my eye.”


We leaned closer to him, and peered at his lookers

And then we found thousands of small yellow boogers


“Surely you won’t let a thing like that hinder?”

“Halloween only comes once a year, you remember!”


But Tommy began to sniff and walk back

“I cannot go out: I’ve been cursed by that shack!”


He pointed across to the house “over there”

“Cursed by a shack? Oh well, I declare!”


“You don’t believe me?” said Tommy with ire

“You come to my house, and call me a liar?”


“That house over there,” mad Tommy then quipped

“is home to a witch, named Susie Von Ziffed.”


“You knock on her door; you’ll see what I say,”

“and then boogers will come, out of your eyes all day!”


“Can this witch be defeated?” I asked rather boldly

“Only by feeding her cheese that is moldy.”


“Is that all it takes; just ‘cheese that is moldy?’”

“Well that, and you must play a couple of oldies.”


“What, like Dean Martin?” said Robin so nicely

“Yes that will do fine, or maybe some Presley.”


“I’ve got my headphones.” “I’ve got the food.”

“Then let us defeat her, once and for good.”


We waited for Tommy to get dressed for the journey

And soon he came out, as a Pirate named Gurney


We walked ‘cross the street, and came to the shack

We knocked on the door, with a raka-tak tak


The door slowly opened, but no one was there

We marched on in anyway, without even a care


Soon we had found her, taking a nap

Green skin, and long nose, with a black pointed cap

We placed on her ears, the head phones and then

We turned on the music: Jailhouse Rock (for-the-win!)


The witch then woke up, cried sad bunch of pleas

And then in her mouth, we shoved in the old cheese


The witch squirmed and gagged; said “This is the end.”

She went back to sleep, never to mend

We hooped and we hollered; we high-fived and said

“Let’s go to the other homes, before going to bed!”