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Titanic Panic update (May 30, 2019)


The second book in the Farcical Zombie Trilogy is entitled TITANIC PANIC and, as the simple title implies, it is zombie-themed horror story set on the infamous maiden voyage of the doomed 1997 Hollywood Blockbuster.

The original idea, which has evolved and grown as it’s been written, was for a Victor Frankenstein-like scientist to inadvertently develop a serum that would turn ordinary people into the living dead. He hitches a ride on the Titanic, one thing leads to another, and…zombies.

Coming up with the title was quite the experience. I elicited help from my friend Brianna, who sent me a trio of great ones to choose from. The other two were: Rancor Anchor and Afterlife Boat. The former was probably too heady and the later too cute. Titanic Panic was a happy middle ground.

I’m five chapters in with fifteen more to go. That’s a few more than I was expecting when I first outlined the story, but an idea came to me to introduce a second main character. That had the added effect of pushing the “Titanic” part of the story to about the mid-way point; originally all parties would be on the boat after only a few chapters of set-up. I’m not complaining though; the new character and plot is already paying off, making for a better-rounded overall story.

More detailed updates coming soon.