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Commentary update (May 31, 2019)


To my knowledge, no one has ever written a commentary that follows a “synoptic” outline.

Simply put, the “synoptic” is the conflation of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. The first three books of the New Testament cover a lot of the same content, though each differs from the others in unique ways. Nevertheless, it seemed impractical to write a commentary on Matthew, and then again for Mark, knowing that 60% of the material already written would be copied-over into the new work. The same is true for Luke.

It made more sense to combine the three studies into one.

While there are a handful of books that have done the work outlining and combining the three Gospel Accounts, and while there are countless commentaries available for Matthew, Mark, and Luke (individually), I’ve never found one that did both. Last month I finished the first of three hardback volumes, commenting on a third of the material (basically the first year of Jesus’ ministry). After a week at camp I’ll resume work, with hopes to finish by the end of the year.

I’ll post an excerpt of the first book soon; I’m not publishing anything until all three volumes are completed. When they are, I’ll combine them into one (nearly two-thousand page) file.