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I haven’t even started writing this thing. It’s on my schedule for mid-2020.

The idea came from a short story I wrote almost a decade back. It’s one of a handful of shorts I wrote in that era that has stuck with me. I kept having little ideas here and there that would make me think “that’d be good to add to that story.” Finally I’m sitting down to flesh the concept into a full novel. I have a few paragraphs of the story already sketched out, and more will come to me as I approach the start-time to write it.

In the meantime I came across this picture that was so good I immediately contacted the photographer and worked out a deal to secure the rights for use as the cover. It matched the backwoods Louisiana setting of the story (or at least half of it; part of it is in snowy Connecticut) so perfectly I had to have it. I’m glad I do.

I had to tweak the original image a bit. I centered the house, added a dingy lake, and lengthened the starfield to accommodate a novel-sized image ratio. I’ve had some great cover art (in my opinion) but this is up there with my absolute favorites.

Here it is…

buried deep 5.jpg