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I’ve been hammering out details with an illustrator to put some art to my Children’s Book “One Halloween Evening.” It’s been too long that I’ve had those words sitting in a .doc file collecting dust. Hopefully by this time next year(!) I will have something resembling a finished work. Hopefully then I can shop it around and get it (and thus get me) signed with a publisher.

Work continues on Titanic Panic, The Son of Man vol. 2, and El Dorado. In the meantime, more and more ideas come to me all the time. Just yesterday I had a thought that became a rough outline for a Children’s story. At first it was just a title (as nearly all my ideas begin) but after I wrote down the title I just kept writing, and kept writing, and I didn’t stop till had a one-page treatment.

As it stands right now I have, no joke, forty books in various stages of development, not counting my Bible commentaries (which will end up being a thirty-volume set when all is said and done). There are only so many hours in a day and with a full time job and a family, it will be a decade before I’ve written everything…and that’s if I stop having ideas.

So far, that’s not happening!

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