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Progress Charts


I made a chart template to document my writing progress. It is color-coded.

BLUE designates an initial idea (usually a title and a paragraph or so of plot summary).

PURPLE designates the outline-writing stage, where I plot out the story, chapter by chapter until I have a solid four-act structure laid out

RED designates chapter progression

GOLD designates I’ve entered the proofing, second draft editing stage

GREEN designates the final formatting period, where I create the kindle version (usually requiring a lot of editing and boring work), then tweak the look of the paper/hardback versions before submitting it to be published.

I have four books being worked on at the moment:

ONE HALLOWEEN EVENING is at a standstill while I await sketches from my illustrator. Once I’ve seen and approved everything, work should progress quickly. In the meantime the text is written and just awaiting formatting and final editing…


SON OF MAN VOL. 2 moves along at a solid pace. It’s the most ambitious undertaking of all my commentaries as I spent a lot of time researching and editing to try and combine Matthew, Mark, and Luke into a single chronological narrative. Even though it looks like there’s not been much written, I only just started and the chapters are so short I’m able to knock out two and sometimes three at a time. It’s going well and I hope to have volume two done within a month…


TITANIC PANIC is also going well, though I ended up adding a chapter that wasn’t in the cards initially. Sometimes the tale grows in the telling, so the book is now technically behind schedule by a day. I’ll live. It should be done within a month, Lord willing…


The last book I’m working is EL DORADO, which I’ve yet to detail for a few different reasons. I probably won’t share much more than a progress report until it’s done and the final draft is copyrighted. The book is also being written off-schedule, meaning I’m only writing a little here and there, whenever I have a free night. As such, I have no definitive time-table for its completion, though I’d like it to be done before Halloween. The outline is very detailed; it’s probably the most detailed outline since Kingdom of Arthur II, which was the easiest to write and (in my opinion) best book in that series. As a result, I don’t anticipate much writer’s block or backtracking, but as it is only a few (of the many) chapters are finished…