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Sharing short stories (June 1, 2019)


I have a collection of short stories, poems, and other such works for sale, but I’m toying with the idea of sharing one story a month, rotating it out with a different one every month, just to have some content on this site. I haven’t written a short in several years. It’s not the same as writing a novel; you have to be punchier, quicker to the point. Maybe by sharing the stories, I’ll re-read them, get some ideas, and start knocking out a few new ones here and there. Maybe by Christmas I’ll have enough for a new compilation.

And just like that, I’ve decided.

I’ll keep sharing samples and snippets of other works periodically, but look for the first (complete) short story to be shared sometime this month. It may be a poem, a work of fantasy or sci-fi, or even a song; I have a few of those, too. We’ll see. As Merlin likes to say, “Time always tells.”

Matthew Martinshorts